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Time Payments (Layaway) Policy

Sean Murphy Art Sales offers buyers the ability to pay for art purchases over several months, which we call time payments. The minimum purchase that qualifies for time payments is $1000.

Here's how it works: when art becomes available on the week of an issue's newsstand release, if a piece of art doesn't sell immediately on the site, you can contact Geoff at [email protected] about time payments.

We ask for at least a $500 deposit and the remainder paid over the no more than 10 months (total). Minimum monthly payments are $500. So for a $2500 page, that would mean a $500 deposit for us to put the page On Hold, then $500 per month for 4 more months, with the final payment including $$ for shipping. We have some flexibility with terms, but typically set time payment schedules for 2-6 months with monthly payments starting at $500/month (more for higher-priced pieces). 10% of the art's value is non-refundable.

We do not offer time payments for art that hasn't been released yet, with the exception of complete issues.

If you would like to buy a complete issue, you can choose to buy the covers for that issue (or not). Complete issues of Batman: White Knight, Curse and Beyond, which include all pages, have typically ranged from $90,000 to $120,000 USD. If you choose to buy an issue, the total price will depend on the number of splash pages, reveals, major plot points, etc. as well as whether you choose to buy zero, one or two covers.

So while the term "layaway" can be misleading, we don't pre-sell art (you can't put it On Hold before its release) unless you buy a complete issue.

For more information, please contact Geoff at [email protected]